Synthetic phonics activities to encourage autonomous learning

Over the last few days we have covered many aspects of teaching synthetic phonics to children learning English as a second  or foreign language. We have practiced the sounds, learnt the actions, discovered how to teach blending and segmenting and talked about introducing tricky words, letter names and alternative spellings. Today we began the session by trying out some activities that can be used as work stations or, (as we call them in Spain) corner-time activities that encourage our pupils to practice phonics independently. Take a look at the photos to see the activities and let us know if you try using any of them in your class.


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Teaching phonics with poems and pop songs

Have you ever thought of teaching reading and writing skills through poems and pop songs? Well, in yesterday’s synthetic phonics training session we saw how using original texts like these can help teachers create motivating contexts for meaningful learning. You could help your pupils to pronounce and spell the /ng/ sound correctly with Spike Milligan’s ‘Ning Nang Nong‘.  Or why not teach the alternative spellings of the /ie/ sound with Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds‘? How many words can your pupils hear that have that sound? Watch the video with the lyrics to correct the spelling. Which is the most common grapheme for that sound?

Please tell us if you try any of these activities in class and also if you know any other songs or poems that are good for teaching phonics sounds or spelling patterns.




El CARLEE organiza una nueva edición del curso Synthetic Phonics for CLIL Teachers, dirigido a profesores de E. infantil y primaria. Es de especial interés para quienes se inicien en la docencia en programas bilingües en lengua inglesa.

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Curso: Synthetic phonics for CLIL teachers

El centro de lenguas organiza el curso SYNTHETIC PHONICS FOR CLIL TEACHERS, destinado a docentes de E. infantil y primaria implicados durante este curso en programas autorizados de enseñanza bilingüe en lengua inglesa. Es de especial interés para quienes se inicien en la docencia en programas bilingües.

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