Scottish girl does Spain!

Hi all!

My name is Alyson and I am doing my internship with the CARLEE here in Zaragoza. I also did an interview which was posted on the 29th of September if you wish to have a look and learn a little bit more about me!

Saturday the 28th of October marked the sixth week since my arrival in Spain! It has been a hugely rewarding, exciting and busy six weeks working for the CARLEE and exploring the wonderful city of Zaragoza, I feel blessed to still have another 6 weeks to go!

I have been working within IES High School in Parque Goya delivering a series of Scottish Culture workshops to the teenagers here and the classes seem to be enjoyable and informative for all involved.

Wednesday the 18th of October was also an important day for me as I delivered the first week of a six-week workshop focusing on communication and language from a Scottish perspective! I am very pleased to see that so many teachers have signed up for this and I am confident that we are going to learn a few new ways to make classes not only informative but fun!!

¡Hasta luego!
(Or as we Scottish say – Bye for noo!)

Alyson x


Entrevista con nuestra Erasmus intern Alyson / Interview with our Erasmus intern Alyson

Those of you who have been participating in our Phonetics and Synthetics Phonics courses over the last two weeks will already have had the pleasure of meeting our new Erasmus intern, Alyson. Alyson, who is studying a BA honors in Education and Social Services, will be carrying out her internship with us here in Zaragoza over the next 12 weeks and will be participating in our communication workshops. Alyson, from Carnwath in Scotland, will be helping teachers to learn more about Scottish culture as well as providing them with plenty of opportunities to practice their oral skills. She has kindly allowed us to interview her so that you can learn some more about her (and get used to hearing her Scottish accent)!