Example writing tasks – An article

In our B2 and C1 language and methodology classes at the CARLEE we work on many different text types, always within the context of an education-related topic. A few weeks ago we were talking about health in class and we asked our students to write a magazine article giving teachers some advice about improving health and general well-being in schools. We also promised our students that the best one would be published in our blog. So here it is…


Have you ever felt overwhelmed at school? Do you feel that stress is flooding you? Here are some tips on how to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Begin and end your day calmly. Set the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier, so as not to be in a rush from the very first moment of the day and keep a regular bedtime routine away from your smartphone.

Create an after-playtime relaxing routine  in your class. As you know, students take a while to calm down when coming back into the classes after the recess. That is a good moment for them – and for us – to unwind by focusing on our breathing, listening to relaxing music, etc.

Spend your free time on something that really fulfills you – needless to say,  not related to school. Do some exercise, learn a new language, enroll on a cookery course, etc. There are plenty of activities that will take your mind off school.

And last but not least, try to enjoy yourself as much as possible at school! Hilarious situations happen all the time in class. They cannot pass unnoticed. Take advantage of them to improve the classroom atmosphere. Stay positive!

Are you ready? Dive into these little tips and tell us about the results @Teachers’Troubles

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