Last day of Synthetic Phonics for CLIL Teacher course


Yesterday was the last day of the (2nd) Synthetic Phonics for CLIL Teachers course at the CARLEE. This course aimed to give teachers an overview of how to teach synthetic phonics as a whole school programme, as well as to give them lots of practical ideas for activities and games that can be used to introduce, review and apply the children’s knowledge of phonics.

In the last session we dedicated some time to talking about incorporating assessment for learning (AFL) techniques into our classes and how to teach reading and writing in English to children with special educational needs. As it is Valentine’s Day today, we also looked at a few fun ways of using this theme to teach phonics. If you would like to see these ideas, then take a look at the presentation from session 5. The presentations from all the other sessions are also available here. And remember… Have fun with phonics! Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day too!

Presentations from the Synthetic Phonics for CLIL Teachers course:

If you are interested in taking this course in the future, then please contact us (


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