En nuestras clases de B2 y C1 trabajamos la expresión escrita de una manera natural, a través de tareas reales que tengan sentido para los alumnos. Al final de cada tema, elegimos un tipo de texto que los alumnos tienen que desarollar. A continuación se encuentra un ejemplo de un articulo que ha escrito una de nuestras alumnas.

In our B2 and C1 clases we work on writing skills in a natural way, through real tasks that are meaningful for our our students. At the end of each topic, we choose a text type that our students then have to develop. Below you can see an example of an article that one of our students has written.



Write an article for a teachers’ magazine giving advice about how to improve mental and physical well-being in schools.


It is a universally acknowledged truth that schools are an ideal place to learn not only academic issues but also other important matters such as how to improve our mental and physical well-being.

In this article I am going to suggest to you, my fellow teachers, some feasible tips that can be carried out to keep our students’ minds, bodies and souls healthy.

Let´s start with the diet. Since it is a fact that we are what we eat, we should pay attention to what children eat at school. Last year, I made an agreement with the families to eliminate the industrial cakes from the snacks pupils have during the break and replace them with pieces of fruit.

Another excellent remedy for better well-being is everyday exercise. Some research has shown that the practice of physical activity is not only beneficial for the body but also for the mind as it reduces the risk of mental health issues and improves academic achievement. By following a 5´ routine in which children perform a choreography to begin the lesson we will be motivating them and promoting physical and mental health.

Finally, we´d better not forget to create a pleasant atmosphere in our classes. Devoting a session per week to playing cooperative games, commenting personal experiences and having a giggle with classmates has wide-ranging benefits: it raises their self-confidence and enhances social relationships, which leads to a healthier state of mind.

To wrap up, I hope this piece of writing has contributed to making you aware of the main idea: Our students are a whole being that consists of thoughts, emotions and a physical body. We cannot separate the parts, and success in one part, contributes to success in the rest.

By Marian Lázaro


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