Practical Ideas for CLIL Classes in Infants

fruit  fruit2  fruit3   flower science3

Yesterday the last session of the new course Practical Ideas for CLIL Classes in Infants took place at the CARLEE. During the 10 hours of this course we learnt about practical ways of incorporating the CLIL methodology into our infant classes through Art, Science, stories, music and movement and the assembly. The teachers who attended this course were able to share their experiences and concerns,  as well as sharing their own great ideas for teaching infants in English.

 science1  science science-ginger science-ginger2

If you were unable to attend the course, or are just interested in learning more about CLIL classes in infants you can use the links below to see the presentations from each session. If you are interested in attending this course in the future, then please contact us (

Session 1: Art activities

Session 2: Science experiments

Session 3: Stories

Session 4: Music and movement

Session 5: The assembly and encouraging speaking

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